Tuesday, July 9, 2013

We all knew I sucked at keeping anything up to date....

Ok well I've decided to try to give this a go again. I was doing really well for a while and then it sorta all just went to hell. Meanwhile, I've been to Spain, the UK, and successfully managed to move back to the US. I know a bunch of you are like uhmmm WHAT?!?! But trust me the other plans were just really really bad situations. Have I mentioned how great it is to have Walmart, Birthday Cake oreos, and goldfish back? That being said I feel very much like a fish out of water here. This is the longest I've ever gone without diving and I'm not quite sure I like it!

Right so the story. How the hell did I end up in Vegas. Well this story starts about 6 months ago, as most of you know I had been looking for a job since about January. Well I know someone who is working in a shop in Cambodia. He convinced me to send my resume into his boss, but then left Cambodia a couple weeks later cause he decided he was moving to Malaysia. So I sort just wrote the resume off. Well he ended up back in Cambodia and about a month ago I got a call from him saying hey so you have a job here if you want it, we need an instructor that speaks Italian. So I talked to him and the owner a bit and was like ok it seems like a great situation. I have food and board provided and wages on top of that and I figured it would be a great way to save up for college again and I could easily build up my saving while I was working there. 

Well so I head off tho the UK for 3 weeks on a previously planned trip and I get back to Rome 3 days before I'm supposed to leave for Cambodia. Well the day I get back I get this obscure message from the guy there. "Just for you to know, the island is pretty much deserted right now. No customers and almost all of the instructors are leaving." My reaction is uhm ok that's great what the hell does that mean?! So I start asking him questions and all I get is rude answers and getting insulted and called a child an I'm just absolutely horrified about how he's treating me and I'm alos really confused about whether or not I have an actual job and I can't seem to get that answer out of him. So basically I've known for a while that I needed to come back to the US and get a real job and get my life together and truly I've just been using diving to prevent the inevitable. So I basically call dad crying. I was talking to him about finances and what to do with my life etc etc and I flat out asked him look dad without any prejudice or emotional baggage do you think I need to come home? And his answer was the fact that I am finally voluntarily putting that option on the table means yeah I should.

Now, the question of the year. Why Vegas? I was about to buy a ticket to CA, but then we discovered Vegas is about $600 cheaper and grandpa lives here and is attempting to sell his house. Well there's all sorts of things that he's just not able to do himself and he has 2 puppies and all sorts of other reasons that having me here is helpful. On top of that Vegas has a much lower unemployment rate. 

As it stands, I have just gotten a part time job and am still searching for a second part time job, I am starting a company and I'm pretty sure we have a solid business plan and if I can get it together it's a business niche that will actually be profitable and have the opportunity to expand in the long run, and frankly I'm loving living here. Also, it's Vegas so there are constantly friends of mine that are here every couple weeks. So looking forward I'm planning on being here a while.

If I missed anything let me know, I know there's details and other questions and such so just let me know and I'll do my bet to answer them!