Thursday, April 4, 2013

I think I suck at this...

Life, Love, Blogging, etc.

I honestly feel like a directionless mess at the moment. Ok that's not completely true, I do sort of have a plan at the moment. It all fell into place last night with Amanda and I'm so so excited about it. First off let me say that Helen being here was quite possibly the best weekend of my life. Sudan wins for best week, Easter wins for best weekend. I cannot even begin to describe the hilarity of what occurred  but I can officially say I made it to the Vatican for Easter. I also managed to get epically sick...I guess being out until 4 am in the pouring rain might do that to you. Right well I am now teaching an EFR/Nitrox course on Saturday, diving for May Day at Tor Paterno, piecing together a rescue course for Amanda between the pool and Porto Ercole, and Mallorca with Amanda at the end of May!!! After that it's Amanda's graduation and then off to Egypt.

Right see that's another point. I am now officially headed to Egypt. Sorry mom, sorry dad, hold onto your seats but this is happening. I am so incredibly excited and the ticket is getting bought this weekend. I'm going to go with, hey I could be telling you I was pregnant or had another tattoo! Ok I think I actually had something worthwhile to say here, but it eludes me.

Oh by the way can I please just add for the sake of my mother that I have no intention of dating and/or marrying an Egyptian. In fact at the moment I hate men in general. They are over dramatic children who cause problems with everything they do. I mean honestly WHY do I need them?! On the flip side can someone please maybe find me one that I don't absolutely hate and I can get married and have a cute little house and maybe a dog (me and Amanda are both really big fans of this dog thing) and maybe eventually a few little mini Jo's to terrorize the planet. But other than that MEN NEED TO DIE...I hate them...I'm done whining now.

OOOOOO in other news my apartment is being over run by ants. However, as Momo put it...I went all Jedi on their ass and cleaned my kitchen and they are going away. I was however about to die today because there's nothing to eat in my cupboard and I haven't been to the supermarket in weeks....and then I realize I have every ingredient for my favorite food on the planet!!! mac no cheese!!!! So I am now going to have a couple bowls of happiness and return to my cough syrup induced coma.

I am however noticing that I suck at blogging consistently. There's just so much going on!! I'm just sick and exasperated. So I will content myself sitting here with my new princess crown hood and drawing on my fins and BCD. Both of which by the way are now adorable.

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