Monday, April 22, 2013

The Countdown Blog...

Well it's been an interesting couple of weeks. Giant life fail in the internet department. Thank you Italy...I'm so glad that when I have 3G service skype doesn't work but as soon as I run out it decides to actually work perfectly...yeah that's really awesome thanks. Also, I have survived a bus strike, 2 rainstorms, and just the general stupidity of Rome, so that's looking up. My apartment has however been taken over by ants. Stupid little bastards they get everywhere and like honestly they're in my bed too. I get that we like this whole exploration and pioneering new frontiers thing, but honestly there is no food to be found here.

On the awesome countdown front, there is officially 15 days until by birthday...for those of you who want to send me a card...hint hint...you should probably get on that. I'm not particularly sure that being 22 is really going to be any different than 21 but hey here's hoping for a great and slightly less emotionally traumatizing year.

As I'm sitting here on Amanda's bed stealing internet I find myself thinking through all the exciting stuff I have coming up and everything that I plan to do. So first is Mallorca. Little island off the coast of Spain. Plan is to get in as many dives as possible for Amanda while we're there and I'm planning on screwing around with carrying a stage cylinder. I think it'll be super fun and well get to have a beachy girls holiday....margaritas anyone? Right well it's only 24 days until that and then we've got Amanda's graduation when I get back. Wohoooo I get to meet her parents mwahahaha. (She should probably be afraid)

Ok so after that awesome and fun adventure I am off on my own personal adventure to the UK! And let me tell you after dealing with other people and their travel plans for the past couple months I am so so glad that I get to be in charge of my own adventure. AHHHHH this is so exciting. Pretty sure I already filled you all in on the Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Liverpool, and best of all I GET TO SEE HELEN AGAIN!!!! Yes strange/bad things happen when me and her are together but whatever I GET TO SEE HELEN!!!!!!!! And go diving...I mean like diving is cool but HELEN!!!!! Ok right well THAT point is made....

And after that I'm headed to Egypt. Ok so maybe THAT plan isn's as perfect as I'd like it to be, but welllll I'M MOVING TO EGYPT!!! I'm so freaking excited about this and to get to go diving and work again. And it's the Red Sea and well frankly I can die of happiness.

Lastly as I sit here trying to figure out why my house is making funny noises. I just thought you should all know that Christmas is only 247 days away. And that might seem far away, but if life goes according to plan I'll be flying to Hawaii for Christmas to meet my family there. Hopefully it'll be fun.

Right and also on the list of important realizations for the week, I pity anyone who actually tries to date me. Frankly, I have no interest or energy in giving a shit about anyone other than Amanda, Helen, or Steve. It's just soooo difficult to expend enough energy to care. Maybe someday I'll find someone I care enough about but honestly I can't even be arsed enough to reply to text messages from guys more than a couple times a day...I can't imagine caring that much about someone right now. (Side note:not completely true but the only person I feel that way about is not someone I want to feel that way about)

Right and moving riiiiiiiight along...my FRIENDS marathon is progressing brilliantly. I am now on season 6. Mwahahaha. God I love this show. This is ALL Amanda's fault. Well cheers to everyone and the adventures will commence again shortly. Starting with Santa Croce with all the Italians this weekend. *Sigh* more Italian divers. You have no idea what it's like til you try it....but pictures will follow! Oh and I get to use my new princess crown hood!!!!

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