Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hobbits, Harry Potter, and the Mad Hatter

It's one of those days where you tie your hair back, forget the contacts,
and start cleaning random things....
I realize that the title is pretty shoddy alliteration, but you know I do what I can. Well as I sit here on this cold raining day, with my windows getting pelted by golfball size balls of hail, eating fries that I have miraculously managed to cook (more on that later), waiting for yet another load of laundry to finish, and watching the Lord of the Rings for probably the hundredth time I have had a collection of thoughts that I feel you might all find at least slightly amusing.

Lovely and wonderful Italian internet just wiped out take 1 at my entire blog post soooo let's see how well we can do this time. Basically, I have realized that I spend my life cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and then repeating that over and over again. Who decided we needed 3 meals a day? Anywho, I generally wouldn't be opposed to this, I mean such is life, except being in Italy this is all complicated by this tiny itty bitty little fact that I cannot run more than one appliance at a time. That means when the over or washing machine is on, EVERYTHING else in the apartment must be unplugged. Again wouldn't be an issue except for the fact that I cannot cook, clean and do laundry all at the same time so I actually have to time everything so it all get's done. Oh also should just point out that there's no dryer so I have to make sure the last round of clothes is dry before the next round comes out. Ok so due to the fact that I spend copious amounts of time cooking and cleaning I've come to the conclusion that I really might as well get married and do it all much more conveniently, plus you get someone to keep you warm at night. Can someone find me the downside here? Right so As I'm sitting here waiting for another load of laundry to finish I decided to have one of those oh so brilliant reflective moments. Prepare yourself....this involve Lord of the Rings and lemur memes....no not together...DO YOU THINK I'M INSANE?!

At some point, for me it's right around the middle of the Two Towers, you realize you could not honestly give less of a shit about what happens to Sam and Frodo. Yeah I know I get much more interested too when Faramir gets involved, but let's be honest I'm slightly more interested whenever there's a hot male around regardless of the situation. I started thinking though, what makes Merry and Pippin more interesting than Sam and Frodo? Sam and Frodo have a goal, a singular goal I might add, they are no to de deterred and they have a very clear direction. Merry and Pippin however, end up tagging along on different adventures and while they are apart for a while they always manage to find their way back together, because they're friends and that's what friends do. But my point is Merry and Pippin are more interesting because they see more, do more, meet more people and have more adventures! Sure the world would fall to ruin and we would all die without Sam and Frodo, but isn't that life to begin with? I sure as hell don't want to be an accountant, but without the people who do, the world would go to hell pretty fast. Everyone has something they love, because without it, the world would cease to function. I am not nor do I want to be Sam and Frodo. I don't have a singular goal nor do I want to plod along my entire life trying to get the ring to Mordor. I want to explore Gondor and Rohan, I want to stand on a table and sing a Shire drinking song (ok maybe not). I want to learn how to defend myself, I want to fight for what I love,  and I want to commit to something I am passionate about, no matter where that takes me. I know what I want and frankly it's something that frightens most people. I have decided to move to Africa. Whether that be as a dive instructor or with an aid organization or anything else, this is something I want to do more than anything. I fell in love with these types of countries when I first went to Haiti, and frankly each of my trips to Africa has just furthered my absolute love for these people. Granted the most recent visit was for diving and I definitely fell in love with the Red Sea, but frankly it is all about the people. They are so kinda and happy, and even though I'm American (different rant for a different day) they welcome me and just want to let me know what their lives are like.

As for the Harry Potter reference, to say I've had a lot of time on my hands lately would be an understatement. I am at that point where I am inevitable Murphy's law. And as I was watching Harry Potter today I started laughing at this part. When McGonagal asks Harry, Hermoine, and Ron why it is ALWAYS the 3 of them. And they all just give her this blank stare and are like tell me about it. Honestly, everytime I go somewhere or do something (not limited to adventures, this even includes taking the bus home at night) things tend to happen to me that leaves people shaking their heads and laughing. Such is life I suppose.

Ok now lastly for the Mad Hatter reference. I think most of you know that Alice in Wonderland is by far my favorite book ever. PS if you were wondering the Italian translation is abysmal. But I digress....My favorite quote from the book, and trust me this was a hard one, is what Alice tells the Mad Hatter. You're entirely bonkers, but I'll tell you a secret...all the best people are! I'm holding onto that hope because let's be realistic....I'm crazy and a half....

Right and now back to the more serious sorts of topics....I am having a really hard time right now with people and their opinions. Someone gave me some great advice last night and said come up with a plan and stick to it. You know what you want to do, so stop taking about it with people until you know something for sure. I think that's bloody brilliant. So from now on I'm keeping my grand ideas to myself. I've gotten to the point where people's opinions are about as welcome as a Jehovah's Witness at your front door. In the spirit of that and the ongoing LOTR theme in this blog I found this meme highly humorous. I'm laughing anyways. Oh I also decided you all needed a video of Sam and the potato song....This blog is definitely rating up there with my most random blogs ever. I like to think that you have all learned something from this....even if it is only how to rap about potatoes. Right so on that note I leave you all to watch the potato video. Arrivederci Amici!

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