Monday, March 18, 2013

In 250 meters please enter the roundabout....

Really this blog was going to be titled "Don't Listen to the Bitch" Immediately followed byt the comment that no I am not talking about Giuli....but I thought that it probably just wouldn't be the most  reader friendly title....ok so back to the purpose of this blog.

My observations this week:
1-Our GPS is bloody useless
2-There are WAY too many roundabouts in Malta
3-Our GPS has the most irritating British accent I have EVER heard
4-Our GPS like's adventures
5-We are running out of languages to yell/curse at the GPS in
6-She has been affectionately renamed "the bitch"

I realize we probably should have figured we were in trouble when she decided that she wanted us to drive circles inside the airport. Well we finally found our apartment and can I just say WOW what a great view, and a HUGE apartment. Needless to say me and Giuli are quite happy....well I mean we would have been except it's FREEZING! WE were hoping for at least a bit of sun and maybe some warmth, but sadly there is none to be found.

Ok so the rest of the day was pretty non eventful. We almost froze, apartment beautiful, don't even have pictures of dinner cause I practically inhaled it, and fell into an exhausted sleep...seems normal.

Day 2 we decided to go on an adventure. We walked around a bit, went bathing suit shopping, found the dive shop, and all sorts of other fun things! Honestly, we didn't accomplish much, except finding possibly the worst steak either of us have ever had. Side note if you ever go to Malta DO NOT go to "The Steak House" honestly worst food and service EVER.

Side note: because I have a picture and honestly our mind is blown....who the hell wears suspenders and jean shorts to the beach? And them proceeds to romp around in the water while wearing suspenders and jean shorts....Can we really please figure this out....

Happy St Paddy's Day!

The best adventure so far was our 90 minute sunset horse back ride. So their first question is experienced or beginner rider. Well me and Giuli have both spent a decent amount of time on a horse so we went for experience  Apparently this means that we will be allowed to control 2 extremely feisty horses. Literally this guy hands me this giant monster and goes ok soooo watch out, he kicks other horses, and if you kick him hell take off, and he kinda causes problems. Geez thanks! I always wanted a testy pony. Anyways, it was a beautiful ride and absolutely fantastic to be back on a horse again. After we got back we made ourselves food and popped on over to Huggins for a pint of Guinness in honor of St Patricks day. Par normal what happens when you stick me in a bar I had 2 Brits practically falling over themselves to flirt with me at the bar and offer to buy me beers.....just another normal day in my world. Headed home early as we were going diving the next day!!!! Wohoooo!!!!

Ok so diving. Let's just say I'm sick....started coming down with it the day we left Rome. I was really hoping it was allergies, but alas I am pretty convinced I'm dying. Ok dramatics out of the way diving today was fun. Granted we learned that Giuli does not appreciate cold water and that a few things are going to have to change for the rest of the course, but we are working on it and off to the heated indoor pool for the rest of confined water dives tomorrow. Ok all things considered though we got a bit done before she froze and totally had fun in the process. She'd a GREAT student!
How I feel about life right now.

Well as I'm sitting here dying and popping cold meds....yeah I know never dive when you're sick....now shove it....I am pretty much feeling just done with life right now. Can I just say European meds are so far superior to US meds its ridiculous.... Anywho off to the pool super early tomorrow morning and then we will see what the next two days bring. The plans to finish up this course are in motion and we will see what everyone comes up with. More on life in Malta later, preferably when I am more functional...

Oh did I mention only 10 days until Helen is in Rome!!!!! Prepare yourself world....I seriously CANNOT wait!

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