Saturday, March 2, 2013

Why I am a Diving Instructor

As most of you know I went to Sudan for a week for work/diving. That's a long story we can talk on that later there's lots of pretty pictures. And as most of you know I dropped out of school and really since I have no definitive life plan I intend to work as a diving instructor until I figure my life out. Ok right so that being said lets focus on the important thing. Why I made the choice to become a diving instructor and why I am choosing to make it more than a hobby.

From my perspective there are 3 parts of being a dive instructor that make my entire life worthwhile and honesty it does divide quite well into thirds. First off I love meeting and interacting with new people. I love the fact that new people come and go every week. I love the children who are thrilled with learning how to dive for the first time and the looks on experienced divers faces as they come out of the water after an amazing dive. Second, I adore the peace and quite underwater. Even when the world is going to shit because of some idiot diver there is silence underwater. I do so love that peace and quiet and watching the little fishes swim by, there are few better things in life. And lastly I love the last third of my job. The time where I get to sit and do nothing but talk with friends, watch a movie or just screw around. 

The other upside is teaching. I adore teaching people. There are few more rewarding moments than the person on a dive for the first time whose eyes light up when they see their first fish, or the kid in a pool chasing toy around and loving the feeling of being underwater.

I love the water and the feeling of weightlessness when your have perfect buoyancy and most of all I love the people I meet while diving. I just thought this moment needed to be had because I know most of you don't understand why I love it. And honestly I'm ok with that. If everyone loved the same thing, the world would cease to function.

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