Saturday, February 16, 2013

A diamond with a flaw is worth more than a pebble without imperfections

The secret to me is that I'm a mess. I drink wine. Frequently. And I prefer to drink it with a straw. Don't laugh. However, I hate going out and getting smashed and staying out super late in bars. I have days where it takes the equivalent amount of energy as running a marathon to get me out of bed and to the bathroom to pee. I have crazy dreams and goals and have no idea how to accomplish them. I will try to conquer any problem I am faced with and will beat myself up until I find a solution. I genuinely dislike people and find myself wishing that a majority of the world would disappear. I have an extremely low bullshit and stupidity tolerance. I trust people too easily and fall in love to quickly. I become attached to people. I love food, but pick up the strangest addictions. I will eat the same thing for a month and never want to eat it again. I am allergic to everything. I am impulsive and pissy and incapable of keeping my bedroom clean. I have Aspergers and fibromyalgia and because of that I have days where I really just can't function. I love Disney movies and the old musicals. Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn are a huge part of my life. All I want in life other than an adventure is a husband, a house, a dog, and a couple kids. I already know what I am naming them.

I love the life I have though. I love to laugh. I will do anything for the people I consider my friends. I love to travel and go on adventures. I am happiest underwater. I adore interacting with and meeting new people (I realize this is a bit opposite to what I said previously, but if you know me you know what I mean). I will try anything and I relish adventure and new experiences. I am constantly searching for my next adventure. I secretly dream of buying a sailboat just so that I don't have to ship my damn bags everywhere every time I move. I love children and I love to teach and intend to do something with that for the rest of my life. I have dreams of moving to Africa and teaching in an orphanage or school. I secretly miss my family and there are a few other assorted people I miss in CA. But I really miss more of my friends from around the world than anything else. I am terrified of emotional commitment.

Point of this blog. This is me, this is who I am. And I know people like to judge and people don't understand me, but all I ever am is upfront about who I am and it really bugs me when people decide to have problems without ever asking about me. So here it is. This is everything you could ever want to know about me and if I missed anything else you know all you need to do is ask. Until next time everyone and I promise Monday will bring a phenomenally funny story. I have no doubt one will present itself.

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